Festa 4 Star, Rua da Aurora

This was the first show of the band in 2004. Castor, our lead singer, was on vacation in Recife and so the band has decided to get together and, by invitation, musically contribute to the joint-birthday party of two friends of the band members: "Carol IV" and "Juliana Insdrela".

It was a huge party by the way. A total of 7 bands participated in the event. It was almost as large as a music festival. After a little confusion about the order in which the bands were going to play, the Incredble Scrobbies was the third one to go to stage. The show happened reasonably late. The other bands have probably played until morning. Despite the delay in the bands presentations, the public seemed to have appreciated te show. Note: Castor is once again representing the bands work-force by dressing up like an authentic NERD!

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