Escola Politécnica, UPE

This show happened approximately in 1999. It took place in the basketball court of UPE. The band played there together with Rabujos whose members are friends of the scrobbies. Fábio could not attend due to exams so the band played with Rabujos' drum player instead. The stage was very unstable and the members found themselves holding the amplifiers from time to time to prevent them from falling on the ground. At every jump on stage there was an expectation that the whole structure would crumble down with the scrobbies on it.

This was te first show where scrobby#4's brother, Mário participated in a show. He sang along with the band Creep from Radiohead. During the presentation, one of the guitar strings broke, so the guitar from Rabujos had to be borrowed, although it did not have all the strings either.

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