First Show: Stone Dancing Bar, Pina

This show marked the lives of the band members. They were only four high-school students. The band played after only the first three rehearsals. By that time, only one guitarrist was part of the band. But the band already had its own repertoire despite its early start and that was what the public listened to on that remarkable evening.

Apart from some technical problems, the show was very good and was recorded as a cassete tape in addition to some pictures taken during the show. The tape, converted to MP3, contains most of the show and is available for download exclusively on this website. It gives an overview of the initial musical status of the band and how much its music improved, or not, along its career.

MP3 - Recording of the first show of the dos Incredible Scrobbies at Stone Dancing Bar, Pina, Recife.

Obs.: The musicians' nervosism may be noticed by the biting of the picks in their mouths.

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