Here is some information about each of the scrobbies. The band could have been calledThe Fernandos or NERDs LTD, is composed of interesting geek personalities.

A gang of RPG, videogames and rock'n roll addicted upper-middle-class adult-wannabes. That is how the members of this band could be described. Regulars of the Non-stop alternative parties in the old Recife neighborhood, the scrobbies have always been up-to-date about the international alternative pop/rock scene.

The resutls of all this was the creation of an unique characteristc scrobby sound. The fact that they sing in English, however, has not contributed for their ascension in the Brazilian musical market. Indepednently of public appreciation and no matter its size, the scrobbies have always had the guts and integrity of making the rough sound that they themselves appreciate playing and listening to.

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