In 1995, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, the band Incredible Scrobbies was born. Paulo, Mário Fernando, Fernando Castor e Fábio Lopes got together to not only play RPG, but also to make some noise. Initially, Fábio would sing while Castor would help Paulo in the guitar while Mário would play bass. The name of the band was defined by Castor and Mário after one of the initial three rehearsals before the band's first presentation. After a long discussion, the weirdest name was the one selected: the Incredible Scrobbies.

But there was a problem: the way the band was organized, there was no drum player. And a band without a drum player would have scarce chances of success. Fábio, then, became the drum player and Castor became the vocalist. By the time the first show happened, the band had only one guitar player, Paulo. The first show happened in Stone Dancing Bar, Pina. Despite some technical problems, the show was a success and praised by the small crowd present on that memorable day. All of the scrobbies' parents were also there.

After that, it was decided to add one more guittarrist to the band. Mariano, a friend of Castor and Fábio, was invited. Some other shows were done with him and the first demo tape was recorded in January 1998: the Demomatrix. All 100 copies produced of this tape were sold.


Front cover of the Demomatrix, first demo release of the band that had all its units sold.

Within one year, however, Mariano left the band and Fábio's younger brother, Nandinho came in to replace him. It was when the Incredible Scrobbies started to invest more time on playing in different places in Recife to divulge their work. The band played in pubs, hihgh-school parties, sweet 16 parties, graduation proms, birthday parties, friends' parties, any party at all. In summary, the band members have sold their musical souls as an attempt to enter the local music scene.

After many fruitless presentations, the band decided to take a break and get abck to recording their new songs to renew the excitement about making music and searching for a matching audience. The single Life was released on the internet, followed by the demo CD Vacant on the first semester of the year 2000. About 200 copies were produced. The design for the CD was done by Paulo's brother, Mário, an excellent graphics artist and publicist. He is responsible for the graphical design of all the covers of the Incredible Scrobbies. Notice the underlying relation between the single and the CD front covers.


Front cover of the single Life released directly on the Internet.


Front cover of the band's first CD: Vacant.

However, not all copies were sold. One of the main reasons for that was a cerrtain lack of motivation from the band members after unsuccessful attempts to publicize the work. Arguments among band members and divergent professional carreers aggravated the band excitement about playing together again. During 2002 and 2003 the band had its career put to a halt.

In 2004, when Castor came back on vacation to Recife and after all scrobbies have decided to set their differences aside, the band reunited and performed a couple of presentations. They have also started to record a new CD. The recording process was done for three songs. Despite the high quality of the recorded tracks, the recording process was interrupted.

Currently, the band is dispersed due mostly to their professional careers. There is still hope amongst fans that the scrobbies will return from the ashes one of these days, rocking the underground pubs of Recife and coming up with a CD with brand new songs.

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